So Trump cites an article which details a great humanitarian crisis; women from South and Central America who are clearly in the legal category of “refugee” are being subject to horrific sexual assault in their desperation to flee the violence in their countries of origin.

Somehow, Trump has twisted this Great Humanitarian Crisis into an alternative unreality wherein the United States is being overrun by rapists, criminals and drug dealers who have been sent here deliberately by the Mexican government. Much of ugly, racist, paranoid America in general has twisted this Great Humanitarian Crisis into an Invasion of Mexican Body Snatchers.

White American people have long expressed fears of people of color taking over – in an ill-defined way – and the hostile attitude toward Mesoamericans is but another sad example of this. The ugly, racist, paranoid American is of a profoundly dis-eased psyche, characterized by an intense self-loathing which is projected outwardly, in this case onto Mesoamericans. This is textbook Jungian psychoanalysis: A dysfunctional interpersonal relationship characterized by the projection of ones neuroses onto others, a neuroses born of a narcissistic inferiority complex.

The narcissist of course compensates for his feelings of inferiority with an exaggerated, overblown sense of themselves and Trump is a fine example of this. Trump inherited a great deal of money from his father and sets out to build an empire: He would fail and file for bankruptcy several times before managing to actually create something which generates a positive cash flow. He is hardly the astute empire-builder he fancies himself. Think of those who started with nothing.

There is no catastrophe of America being invaded and ruined by “the Mexicans.” The only thing invaded, ruined and destroyed is Turtle Island, which the delusional Europeans have turned into a sewer with toxic and industrial waste and pollution and oppression and so on. There is a legacy of Europeans immigrating to North American and there is a legacy of Mesoamericans immigrating to North America; of course the ugly racist paranoid white American thinks very highly of the legacy of European immigration, which is characterized as oppressed people escaping unto freedom.
But “the Mexicans” are lawbreakers and the the ugly racist paranoid white American proclaim the Rule of Law as their Great Passion: They are not ugly racist paranoid hypocrites but principled Upholders of the Law. Of course the articles of the Refugee Convention of 1951 along with the 1984 Convention Against Torture articulate quite clearly the principle of non-refoulement; it is against the law to return refugees to their countries of origin if a threat of violence exists.
Here is  link which details how in Los Angeles immigrants from Mexico are the most successful:
Ellis Island was expanded by way of landfill, from material leftover from subway projects and so on. Give some thought to that.

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Richard Kurdt. Citizen Journalist and Unrepentant Troublemaker.
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