What is a Magic Bullet Person, you ask?

Well, Magic Bullet People are those who believe anything the government or mass media tells them, no matter how ridiculous or outrageously unbelievable it is. The term itself is, as you’ve probably guessed by now, born of the explanation given by Arlen Specter to account for how a single bullet caused 7 different entry/exit wounds during JFK’s assassination. This bullet is said to have been found on a gurney at the Dallas hospital in pristine condition.

Magic Bullet People suffer from an extreme deprivation of critical thinking skills and are psychologically unable to accept anything contrary to their perception of reality. They ridicule anyone who is aware of the fact that people in high places very oftentimes manipulate our perceptions via massive patterns of deceit as “conspiracy theorists.”

Magic Bullet People will accept the most egregious falsehoods without question and are easily manipulated and mislead. Consider this 9/11 footage of the 47-story building 7 coming down; defying the laws of physics entirely, the collapse occurs at near free-fall speed and follows the path of greatest resistance, with the entire building falling straight down and very neatly, right into it’s own footprint:

The collapse of this building is officially explained as resulting from “raging fires.”A Magic Bullet Person can be defined as anyone who would accept this explanation for the collapse of building 7, for example.

As another example, consider this supposedly “eyewitness account” from Gene Rosen after the alleged mass-shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown:

Now, any person who can think critically would immediately recognize the ridiculousness of this man’s story. Obviously, whatever adult that was said to be there with these children would have called the police, telling them that he and the children had escaped the school grounds. The area would have been flooded with police cars and emergency vehicles. Any person who came upon such a scene as described by Mr. Rosen would immediately inquire as to what was going on and been told by the adult that a horrible mass shooting had just occurred; both the man and, especially, the children, would of course be in a state of very-high excitation and hysteria, not sitting in a circle in a “nice little way.” Mr. Rosen would in subsequent interviews describe sitting inside his house with these children for hours, giving them toys to play with and eventually getting in touch with their parents by “calling the bus company,” who then for some reason provided Mr. Rosen with all of the children’s home phone numbers, as opposed to telling him to call the police. He then calls each of the children’s homes and instructs the parents to pick them up. Of course, to this day, nobody knows who this “bus driver” man was nor have we heard from any of the parents of these children. It turned out that Gene Rosen was a member of the Screen Actors Guild. Amazing coincidence right? (cough)

More recently we have this incident of a black Infiniti smashing into the White House gate. This was another false-flag operation, intending to terrorize and frighten President Obama, because of his resistance to war against Syria and his overtures to Iran.

Isn’t it remarkable how this cameraman from al Hurra just so happens to be perfectly positioned to capture this on film? The sound of gunshots was not in the original video but edited in later, by the way, and somehow no bullet-hole type of damage can be seen anywhere on the photos of the black Infiniti, only scrapes from contacts with the police car.

What is actually being filmed is part of an emergency-readiness drill being carried out, called Capital Shield 2014. Note how it says that one of the aspects of this drill is “law enforcement tactical responses” and that is what is actually being filmed. Read here:

Now have a look at this video of a Capitol police car  crashing into a police barrier:

This is a part of the same drill. The woman, who of course is positioned perfectly for the purpose of filming, is an actress; notice how she feigns shock and surprise, but what was she doing there and why was she filming? Remember, this a drill to prepare first responders, that is how the crashing of the police car is to be understood, that is why it happened. Now, didn’t a photo image of this smashed up police car appear in press coverage of this event, and didn’t the media describe it as having been slammed into by the alleged driver of the black Infiniti, Miriam Carey?  

So do you still think conspiracy theorists are crazy?

These are just a few examples, but we could spend a great deal of time documenting all of the many absurdities fed to the public. Amazingly, those of us whom the Magic Bullet People characterize as “conspiracy theorists” most oftentimes find ourselves in a defensive position-posture, whenever we collide in the public square, on television news programs and so on.

This essay intends aims to expand our nomenclature. We are familiar with terms such as “new world order” or “invisible government” and the like. This writer would like to introduce the term “Magic Bullet People(or)Persons” as means of better equipping our collective with the necessary offensive ordnance. Anyone who finds this expression useful should begin employing it.

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Richard Kurdt. Citizen Journalist and Unrepentant Troublemaker.
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