How did the true knowledge of “God” become lost to people?

Humankind was once blessedly without knowledge and only our natural intuitive-sense guided us. This sense rests in our hearts and its constitution is of pure morality. Love, compassion and empathy flow from there.

The bible refers to this natural state-of-being as the “Garden of Eden” and our natural senses as the “Tree of Life.”

Over the course of time, many well-meaning but unwise persons tried to explain that which is beyond our ability to know. They tried to account for how creation emanated out of the vast nothingness which is our universe, to attribute an essence unto this great mystery. This always leads to the warned-against “idolatry” mentioned in theological texts. These many false notions poisoned humankind and have led to blindness and despair because they direct our attention away from our own beautiful innerness, the light and love within.

These lesser notions are what is referred to in the bible as “the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.” We must refrain from thinking too much about the very essence of the Divine; such foolishness must be strictly avoided as any attempt to articulate the unknowable always fails and confuses. We must appreciate and respect the reality of our own limitations.

Our given nature – which is righteous and pure – has become very distant from us, only a dim sensation within our consciousness. This distance between our higher selves and our lower selves expands due to our wrongful conduct and because of these false notions passed down through the generations.

We all long to be liberated from the pain we inflict upon ourselves as a consequence of our wrongful conduct. Alas, in our unknowing we do not understand the nature of this longing. Our inability to understand frustrates, serving to intensify our spiritual pain.

We project this great longing outwardly, unto an imaginary creator of the universe, hoping somehow that our pain and unknowing can be reconciled by it. But it does not happen.

We long to become what we already are deep inside. This is what we mean when we say “God.” The word “God” can be properly characterized as our voicing the unidentified longing born of our unknowing.

The Genesis myth instructs us to abide by our own intuitive sense and to reject what we have been taught, though there are multiple levels of meaning within it.

There is no invisible, ineffable Creator sitting on a throne up in the sky. There is an invisible, ineffable spirit within your physical body.

Close your eyes and imagine something. Then open your eyes and wonder how it is that you can see without your eyes. Contemplate this and you will become familiar with the Spirit of the Universe. This Spirit is in all things, is all things, and that is the Creator. There is nothing else.

If you possess a great affinity for Jesus of Nazareth my heart is in your heart and your heart is in mine. Jesus upended the tables of the money-changers and drove out the animals being sold for sacrifice in his revolt at the Temple. The spiritual backwardness of cutting an animals throat in the name of God perpetuated violence and the selling of said animals was a gross exploitation of the poor. Jesus was arrested and charged with sedition, accused of breaking the law. In truth the Nazarene was upholding the law, the natural laws of the universe symbolized by the Tree of Life.

The term “Messiah” refers to someone who brings the true knowledge of God to the people and Jesus was a man bold enough to proclaim Himself as such. He was beaten, tortured and horribly killed but He did not die “for our sins” nor to “save” us from some horn-headed pitchfork-poking monster living in the bowels of the Earth. There is no such place as hell.

We will no longer allow the Beast – or what Thomas Merton characterized as “the Unspeakable” – to kill our Kings and Queens. From this day forward the followers and lovers of what is righteous and true are an unstoppable Army. We will show no mercy unto our enemies.

Take care my friends and enjoy this beautiful song:



About Richard Kurdt

Richard Kurdt. Citizen Journalist and Unrepentant Troublemaker.
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2 Responses to FINDING GOD

  1. Aangirfan says:

    Thought provoking and wise.

    – Aangirfan

  2. Thank you aangirfan. I enjoy reading your Blog very much and am always anxious to see your latest posts.

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