According to Dr. Cress-Welsing white people are in truth an albino mutant population. Photo from Brazil:

Dr. Cress-Welsing’s theory is as follows: White-skinned people originated in Africa as Black people suffering from the genetic defect of albinism. Isolated from the rest of their community, in a kind of prehistoric instance of child abuse and neglect, this albino-outcast community left Africa and settled somewhere in Europe,  with sexual reproduction between the albinos resulting in what is today known as the “white race.”

The predominance of mental health issues within Western(white) culture – narcissism, alienation and anxiety – is properly understood only when the origin of white-skinned people is realized. An albino naturally suffers from feelings of inferiority and self-loathing, longing to be like everyone else. As a means of psychic survival, the albino develops an exaggerated, overblown sense of themselves in compensation their feelings of inferiority, and this is the deepest level of understanding of what is known as “narcissism.” The intense feelings of disgust white people voice for colored skin is what psychiatrists call “reaction formation” to their own unconscious desires(imagine a group of average looking women expressing contempt toward a very beautiful woman); color is something white people deeply desire but cannot possess. You can imagine an albino thinking of themselves as “special” or “unique” as the painful feelings of inferiority are suppressed, and with this understanding the white supremacist mindset can be decoded. White Supremacy is a compensatory pattern of thinking, hiding a deeper feeling of inferiority and inadequacy felt by the white-skinned minority.

The primary preoccupation of the white-skinned population is with their genetic survival, with the survival of whiteness. The genetic material of the “colored peoples”-the overwhelming majority of people – dominates that of the white-skinned peoples; when the two are mixed the offspring will have the physical characteristics of the colored parent, the colored genetic material always “annihilates” the white genetic material. White-skinned people are a tiny minority of people who have the potential to be annihilated, genetically speaking. The white population unconsciously understands its vulnerability, hence the historical emphasis on “racial purity” and the intense anxiety regarding “race-mixing.” Recall that white females describe their ideal mates as tall, dark and handsome and it is of course Black people who have the strongest genetic material. This reality necessitates a survival tactic and this is the specific nature of White Supremacy.

The Christian religion is an unconscious discussion of this problem, a problem which is something deeply repressed within the white psyche, never consciously discussed. Remember that a symbol is something which imparts an immediate apparent message and a deeper unconscious message:

The Christian “cross” symbol is a brain distillate of the colored genitalia – a phallic symbol. The phallus is the delivery mechanism of the genetic material produced in the testes, the source of the white-gene annihilating material. Furthermore, the cross represents the black-male genitalia removed from his body and is a dynamic symbol of castration. Jesus was a Black male living under white-skinned Roman domination. He was executed for his revolt in the courtyard of the Temple and most likely castrated, as were many crucified natives. Hence “the cross of Jesus” translates into “the castrated genitalia of the Black male.”

The “burning cross” ritual of the Ku Klux Klan symbolizes the need to destroy the colored- genitalia. The “cross” represents the colored genitalia and this is why it is burned and destroyed. During this time period Black men were openly tortured and killed in hideous public murder rituals and most oftentimes castrated and burned. This extreme human behavior can be decoded and understood and occurs in the context of white-genetic survival.

Dr. Cress-Welsing further posits that the lack of melanin within the nervous system leaves white-skinned people with a lower-level of sensitivity, which is also a characteristic of the narcissistic personality. Pictured in the postcard above is what remains of 17 year-old Jessie Washington, a mentally handicapped boy accused of murdering an older white woman. Approximately 10,000 people attended this lynching and many of Washington’s discarded body parts were tossed out to the crowd to be taken home as souvenirs, including his severed genitalia. Note the small children up in the front.

What is the unconscious message contained in the above symbol of “Christ upon the cross?” It is expressing the reality of white genetic vulnerability; it is saying to the unconscious mind “the weak, genetically recessive white male can be annihilated by the genetic material delivered via the colored phallus and the white population is forever up against this threat. ” This is the hidden meaning of the above symbol. Consider this passage from “Onward Christian Soldier:”

“Onward Christian soldier, marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus, going on before.” Christ our loyal master, leads against the foe, forward into battle, see his banners glow.”

This is not a spiritual hymn but rather a marching battle song. “Onward white male, against the colored peoples, with the symbol of castration and the image of the weak, dying white male keeping your true purpose in mind.” His “banners” are of course the phallic symbols. Or how about this lovely Christian hymn “The Blood of Jesus:”

Oh precious is the flow, that makes me white as snow, no other font I know, nothing but the blood of Jesus.”

As long as the blood of colored people is spilling to the ground white people can survive genetically. This song goes on to state how wonderful the spilling of Jesus’ blood is.


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  1. I’m a white gentleman myself, so…Note how the Black man is consistently castrated by the burning cross-worshippers. What is the meaning of that extreme behavior?

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