Did the Deep State Network threaten President Obama?

Hey comrades. Just thought about something and quickly put this together Remember this incident from April 2009?

The public is told this was merely a photo-op. How ridiculous is that?

It is far more reasonable to explain this affair as a reaction to a threat to the President, delivered by the rogue network, the deep state. They want to frighten Obama into submission to their agenda. The President then orders the pilot to fly towards the scene of the crime, as if to say “well if you’re gonna do it, do it right here in front of all of these people.”

The fighter jet tailing the plane, what’s that about? Is the fighter jet tailing AF1 acting under the direction of the deep state? To terrorize? A psychological dominance tactic? Remember the threat delivered to Bush on 9/11, “Angel is next”? Angel was the code word for Air Force One on that day.


About Richard Kurdt

Richard Kurdt. Citizen Journalist and Unrepentant Troublemaker.
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