Blue-eyed Breivik/ Brown-eyed Breivik

Blue-eyed Breivik.

Brown-eyed Breivik.

Brown-eyed Breivik.

Blue-eyed Breivik.

Also, compare the ears. Blue-eyed Breivik’s ears sit higher-up his head.

I wonder if anyone has tried to contact the photographer. Who took these pictures? Are the police investigators searching for the photographer? Has anyone stepped forward?

Now they are claiming that Breivik refuses to be photographed, he won’t pose for a mugshot. Strange that an alleged “narcissistic” person would avoid being the center of attention. Exhibitionism is a standard narcissistic trait and isn’t Breivik supposed to be interested in creating theatrics, courtroom propagandizing?

The effort being made to somehow account for the obvious differences in appearance between the patsy and the double are ridiculous. We have been told Breivik had plastic surgery because he wanted to look “more Aryan” and the head of Norway’s intelligence, Janne Kristianse, has even stated that “you don’t have that look naturally in Norway.”

Yeah, when do you ever see blond-haired, blue-eyed people in Norway, right?

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Richard Kurdt. Citizen Journalist and Unrepentant Troublemaker.
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4 Responses to Blue-eyed Breivik/ Brown-eyed Breivik

  1. mouser says:

    The Mossad did Norway.


  2. Marwinsing says:

    …also the upper lip shape/skin thickness/proportions, facial expressions, forehead shape/skull structure, etc… two Breiviks for sure; patsy and stand-in.

  3. Marwinsing says:

    …real Breivik’s front teeth are a tad asymmetrical, with the stand-in it appears not. And we see no pics with stand-in’s lips parted. Contrary to the popular proverb, the teeth don’t lie (likewise the skeletal structure).

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