Black Helicopters and Psychological Warfare

       I came across an interesting article recently, ominously entitled “Black Helicopters Seen in Multiple States as Pentagon’s Deployment of 20,000 Troops Inside the US Set  to be Ready this Year.” Appearing on a website called Activist Post, it provides testimony from three anonymous eyewitnesses who describe unmarked black helicopters regularly appearing with high frequency and in significant numbers over Boulder Colorado, Southern California and Silver Spring Wheaton, Maryland. The reader is led to infer that the appearance of these black helicopters is occurring in conjunction with the Pentagon’s domestic deployment of 20,000 US troops. The original source for this article comes from “TheIntelHub” website operated by Shepard Ambellas.
Assuredly, any US citizen who reads this Activist Post article can be expected to experience a high degree of anxiety. My own intuition, however, whispered the word “untruth” to me after inspecting this information.
Here is the link. Pay particular attention to the italicized quotes, the alleged “eyewitnesses.”
The story first refers to reports from 2008 regarding the Pentagon’s domestic deployment program. It then describes a “groundbreaking” IntelHub article which further details this operation and declares the possibility of foreign and US troops being readied to “quell civil unrest.” It then provides the alleged eyewitness testimony from three different sources all of whom are anonymous. However, what does one find after conducting an Internet search upon the words “black helicopters over Boulder Colorado” and “black helicopters over Southern California” and “black helicopters over Silver Spring Wheaton Maryland”?
What does one find after conducting the same searches at youtube?
During a time when everyone and anyone can record video, why hasn’t anyone captured any of this on video? Black helicopters flying everywhere day and night in groups of three or four in several different locations but nobody took out their video camera/I-phone/cell phone? Nothing that would support the contentions of these alleged eyewitnesses can be uncovered. The only thing found is the IntelHub article itself. Then we have this:
This link appears at the bottom of the first story. It is from mid-April of this year and describes a Homeland Security drill, involving the same black helicopters, which occurred in the Miami area. Here, there is a link to a report from the Miami Herald describing Miami authorities and even the US Coast Gaurd as having been uninformed of this drill, characterized as an “operational training exercise” conducted by the (inhale)”Southeast Regional Domestic Security Task Force”(exhale). Tellingly, it quotes an eyewitness who claims that it is perfectly understandable for DHS to have kept the operation secret. It goes on to describe the presence of SWAT team members who rapell from the copters onto the rooftop of a certain building and describes three helicopters as having landed in a local parking lot at one point. The article provides a video showing two helicopters buzzing through the night sky of the city, though the SWAT team members who are said to drop down to the rooftop are not visible to my eyes. I should mention that this article also mentions the dreaded FEMA camps that supposedly await us all. Here is the link to the Miami-Herald article. Note how certain authorities seem confused about what’s going on. Again, there is no video evidence of helicopters landing in parking lots or SWAT teams charging through the streets.
So what’s going on here? Well, perhaps it has something to do with that “certain building” I mentioned in the previous paragraph, where the men are said to have rappelled. That building is………………
Bank of America. Now there are a couple of other videos of the same event obviously taken from the same location where the people doing the filming were in close proximity to one another.
Could it be that the bankers would like us all to feel terrified? Are these articles actually designed by banker operatives for the sake of stoking fear? Here is the video from the “groundbreaking” IntelHub report. Rocket launchers, heavy artillery tanks, amphibious vehicles and the like are allegedly being transported all over the US. Are preparations under way for some kind of massive assault upon the citizenry? Should we all pack a suitcase and escape to a cabin in the countryside?
Judge for yourself.
When we are told of a “lone gunman” slaughtering people in Norway, we analyze everything with great vigor, because we know that these type of events are oftentimes staged. We decry people who believe everything they read without question, but are we sometimes guilty of the same charge ourselves?
Now, in the US, we have a number of military bases right? On those bases there are US soldiers. We have troops within our coutry already, don’t we? So what does “Pentagon’s deployment of 20,000 troops inside the US” mean exactly? Deployed from where and to where? No details are provided, nor suggested.
The Establishment knows very well that there are many of us who are not vulnerable to their standard propaganda. Now, do they sometimes prepare a more specialized type of propaganda with us in mind? Designed for our consumption? Are these reports in fact a kind of equal but opposite version of the “Muslim terrorists are trying to kill you” agitprop? Are US dissidents/resisters being targeted by a campaign of  “the government is soon coming for you” propaganda?
Are we supposed to believe that the US military is preparing some kind of all out assault upon the citizenry? Preparing to corral the dissidents after an economic collapse? Is the United States really vulnerable to mass roundups?
Could it be that the Establishment is getting worried? Could it be that the banksters are merely projecting their fears unto us?

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